Alive food : Kind of feeding without baking (temperature under 42°) which prioritizes organic and vegan raw materials. It able to preserve the most part of nutritional values if the optimum conditions of storage are respected.


Raw Crackers : Crackers made by Biscru are dried at low temperature (under 42°C) . The very low drying able to preserve most part of the nutritional values of raw materials used I their confection . This manufacturing process corresponds to the “Raw food” precepts.


Raw foodism : Only eats raw food or foods dehydrated at temperature lower than 42°C (upper than 42°C the enzymes start to be destroyed.)


Germination : Germination is the process when a seed begins to grow to generate a new plant. The sprout will produce an important quantity of enzymes , transform proteins into amino acids and multiply by 8 to 10 the vitamins inside the seed.  That is the reason why Biscru takes care to pre-sprout the seeds used. To make the pre-germination , we let them soaked in water during 8 to 48 hours (depends on the seed variety ) .


No additives : An additive is a substance that we can add to the product during manufacturing to modify its characteristics, such as the texture or color. It could give organoleptic specific properties. Biscru do not use additive , our wish is to realize as much natural recipes as possible.


No allergen : Our production line is only dedicated to gluten free products . We report for a total transparency on our packaging the eventual cross-contamination risks, such as : sesame seeds , nuts and mustard (ingredient from the curry that we use) presence in our production plant.


No gluten : Gluten is a protein presents in certain cereals such as wheat, more and more people develop gluten intolerance that is the reason why Biscru uses always gluten-free seeds.