The idea of « Biscru » was born in 2003 when I left France to Canada. I went there to develop organic cooking at school.

During an organic fair, I met a solidarity association which created innovative Raw dishes. They invited me in an old Quebec grocery. That place was for me a wonderful discovery. There were people from every nationalities, every social conditions, that discussed and debated as a single family.

Everybody participated to the elaboration of the communitarian dishes, with the foods cultivated in their gardens. Among the products they proposed for selling, there were delicious raw crackers. Curious and thrilled by this tasting experience I paid a real attention to the manufacturing process and I never forgot that ingenious recipe.

When I came back to France, I launched an organic fast-food and I tried for the first time to make the raw crackers in my country, adding a “French touch”. Face to the huge interest and positive reactions of my guests, the idea of the commercialization of my crackers was born.

In 2008 Biscru got its first client.

Biscru wishes to perpetuate this idea of sharing, through my passion, keeping in mind the concern of the creation of healthy products.