• Biscru is composed of raw ingredients selected according to the following requirements:


=) Raw materials naturally* laid out in the sun to dry

=) Raw materials dried by mechanical process under a 42°C temperature inside the product.

=) Raw materials which were not submitted from harvest to manufacture, to a heat treatment upper than 42°C.


  • When we use the logo “ Raw food” on our products, we make commitment to:


=) A recipe made with 95% to 100% of raw ingredients

=) A controlled process for drying which does not exceed a 42°C temperature inside the product.


*We select seeds and fruits dried naturally by the sun. Nevertheless, sometimes it is difficult to ensure the quality of the products dried by the sun because it depends on the climatic conditions.

In order to guarantee the supplying and support our co-partners we can tolerate – exceptionally- a mechanical drying.