• Breakfasts

    Our breakfasts made from sprouted buckwheat seeds are ideal for giving energy in the morning and start the day. 

    Our two flavors : Autumn Moments and Sunny Fruits are tasty mixtures made with sprouted seeds dried at low temperature (<42°C) and high quality dried fruits. 

    These breakfasts are to be consumed in milk or vegetable drink, in yoghurt, in a smoothie...

  • Mélange de Graines Germées


    We won the 2015 Innovation Trophy of NatExpo Paris with our recipe : Sprouted seeds mix.

    Made of sprouted buckwheat seeds , sprouted sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, we dried them at low temperature (under 42° C) .

    Our bites suit to all the family , realized for the pleasure of everyone. As a side dish , inside a salad or as appetizer.

    Our seeds mix are delicious on all occasions and really interesting nutritionally.